Our Relax and Rejuvenate Selections promote deep relaxation, renew vital energy and accelerate your natural healing process.  Enjoy our heated massage beds and handmade signature body butters infused with herbs and essential oils that will relax the mind, body and soul.


NEW Raindrop Massage ~ The raindrop technique involves the amazing power of essential oils, mixed with a variety of massage techniques. It is designed to bring the body back into structural alignment. The raindrop massage disposes of toxins and misalignments within the spine.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $75


Stress Relief Back and Neck Massage ~ An invigorating massage that is designed to enhance circulation, relax muscles and ease movement. This massage relieves the body of tension while still promoting relaxation.

Time ~ 30 minutes      Price ~ $45


The Exquisite Swedish Massage ~ Achieve a peaceful, relaxed state with this classic full-body Swedish massage. This massage combines long, flowing, kneading strokes and aromatic elixirs to relieve tired muscles, increase circulation and induce a state of complete relaxation. 

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $80

Time ~ 90 minutes     Price ~$100


Egyptian Reflexology Massage ~ This is an ancient method of massage that aids in the elimination of pain and toxins by “working” the hands and feet corresponding to body organs. Relieves stress from the body by breaking down crystal deposits and eliminating toxins to restore the body’s natural balance.

Time ~ 30 minutes     Price ~ $45

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $85


Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage ~ Deep Tissue Massage covers the whole body to release key trigger point areas to relieve areas from pain, headaches, sciatic nerve impingement, tendonitis and helps ligament strains. Acupressure, reflexology, body stretching and lomi lomi techniques are used in this head to toe therapy to work out all of the toxins.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $100

Time ~ 90 minutes     Price ~ $130


The Exquisite Hot Stone Massage ~ In accordance with ancient Mayan traditions, this massage uses the healing powers of hot basalt stones which are placed upon the body and also used as instruments to perform soft, gliding massage strokes which are enhanced by our handmade signature body butters infused with aromatic oils. The warm stone techniques coupled with acupressure massage release muscle tension and improve circulation and joint mobility.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $110

Time ~ 90 minutes     Price ~ $140


Prenatal Massage ~ This massage focuses on the unique needs of the “mother-to-be” while providing the opportunity for tranquil relaxation.  Prenatal massage relieves stress on joints, eases neck and back pain, and improves circulation and overall body tone helping to reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Time ~ 30 minutes     Price ~ $60

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $110


Chair Massage ~ Available at $2 per minute.



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