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Our Skin and Body Selections offer a variety of treatments designed to detoxify, tone and re-balance the mind and spirit through your skin and body.  These treatments are deeply relaxing, nourish and beautify the skin, promoting the body’s ability for rejuvenation.


The Gentle Herbal Body Polish ~ A total body exfoliation with your choice of our handmade signature body scrubs.  Relax while you are gently massaged on our heated massage table.  Re-hydration is completed with the application of our richly infused signature body butters.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $80


Aroma Detox Body Cocooning ~ Designed to release toxins, tone and re-hydrate the body.  A gentle exfoliation treatment with an herbal compound is followed by a hot Steam Shower.  You are then wrapped in a warm, aromatic cocoon to continue the detoxification process and improve the skin's elasticity and smoothness.  Re-hydration is completed with the application of our richly infused signature body butters.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $115


Warm Sea Fango Thermal Body Treatment ~ Designed to gently cleanse, release toxins, nourish and soothe the skin.  This therapy begins with a massage of the back, abdomen, and feet.  A self-heating Sea Fango masque is then applied and the body wrapped in a warm cocoon while gentle massage is performed on the head and face. 

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $115


Set-N- Me Free Body Wrap ~ This aloe-herb gel contains aromatic vegetable substances that quickly penetrate the skin. The essential oils tone and energize the skin while they move toxins from bulky fat cells to the inner lymph system. These toxins are removed by drinking water. Immediate size loss can be measured in fatty areas. Your body is wrapped mummy-style in a specially infused aloe vera and herb solution, heated and applied while your head and face receive a gentle massage to release tension while your body is undergoing your transformation to a slimmer you. Best results are with a series of twelve wraps, four to five days apart.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $75








Basic Enzyme Treatment ~ Freshen and tighten your skin with this unique combination of enzymes, proteins, and amino acids.  This treatment hydrolyzes away impurities, dead skin cells, replenishes nutrients, and enhances collagen production, all in one effective masque.  A smooth, youthful skin is the result.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $75


Prozyme Vitamin C Therapy ~ Vitamin C teams up with a prozyme formulation to create a fast-acting dissolution of dead skin cells and deep penetration of collagen-building Vitamin C.  This therapy will aid in repairing sun damage.  The skin looks younger and fresher instantaneously and will stay softer longer.  It can be combined with the Basic Enzyme Treatment for added benefits.

Time ~ 40 minutes     Price ~ $75


Microdermabrasion ~ Through the seasons, your skin suffers from exposure and pore-clogging cell debris, caused by perspiration and the environment. It’s important to clean and refine those pores as well as remove dead skin that will reveal new, younger-looking skin. 

Benefits of this exquisite procedure include:

  • Smoother, softer and refined skin

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage and pore size

  • A safe and effective alternative to chemical and laser peels

Time ~ 15 to 30 minutes     Price ~ $50


Muscle Contouring ~ Aging and stress can cause sagging face and neck muscles.  Used progressively, this treatment tones muscle laxity and sagging skin using natural ingredients ultimately tightening and lifting the muscles of the face and neck.

Time ~ 60 minutes     Price ~ $75


Vital Eye Treatment ~ A unique offering designed to nourish the delicate eye area.  This treatment uses ancient Chinese massage techniques and the application of marine elements to relieve facial tension and alleviate puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes.

Time ~ 15 minutes     Price ~ $30


Collagen ~ This treatment will slow down the skin aging process, and recover the skin's elasticity.  Using pure collagen, the active ingredients are able to penetrate the skin deeply for spectacular results.

Price ~ $25 per section; $65 full face 


Paraffin Masque ~ As a complement to any of our facial treatments, we recommend a paraffin masque.  The Paraffin Masque rehydrates the skin and helps the sinuses with warm paraffin infused with lavender and honey.

Time ~ 30 minutes     Price ~ $55


Problem Skin Therapies ~ Treat your most demanding skin problems with customized therapies for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and aging.  Used in tandem with the Basic Enzyme Treatment, customized treatments can solve most stubborn skin conditions.

Time and Price ~ By Consultation Only

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